Intentional Peer Support (IPS)

A Shery Mead Developed Training

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What is Intentional peer support?

Intentional peer support (IPS) is a way of thinking about purposeful relationships. It is a process where both people (or a group of people) use the relationship to look at things from new angles, develop greater awareness of personal and relational patterns, and to support and challenge each other as we try new things.

" IPS is different from traditional service relationships because :

" it doesn't start with the assumption of "a problem." Instead people are taught to listen for how and why each of us has learned to make sense of our experiences, and then use the relationship to create new ways of seeing, thinking, and doing.

" IPS promotes a 'trauma-informed' way of relating- instead of asking 'what's wrong' we ask 'what happened'?

" IPS looks beyond the notion of individuals needing to change and examines our lives in the context of our relationships and communities.

" Peer Support relationships are viewed as partnerships that enable both parties to learn and grow- rather than as one person needing to 'help' another.

" Instead of a focus on what we need to stop or avoid doing, we are encouraged to move towards what and where we want to be.

At the end of the day, it is really about building stronger, healthy communities.

What does the training cover?

Some areas covered:

Learning vs. helping

Thinking beyond the individual to the relational

The four tasks: (and what is unique about peer support)
1. Connection and disconnection
2. Worldview
3. Mutuality
4. Moving towards

The power of language

Listening Differently

Mutual responsibility

Shared risk

The impact of trauma

Relationship patterns

Moving forwards in relationships

Boundaries and limits

Issues of power and privilege

Conflict dynamics and resolution

Challenging situations and conversations- e.g.

* Suicide

* Self-harm

* When someone's reality is different from our own




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